John Whittet is a cross-functional SaaS strategy and operations leader. I love coaching awesome people, delivering great customer experiences, defining metrics that make sense, and posting bad memes on Slack. I make very pretty slide decks.

I am a nerd at heart. I started messing around with HTML, CSS, and Javascript in middle school and graduated college with a CS degree. I am not a programmer, but I like to code. I also like pontificating on SaaS business models on Hacker News .


I've gone by the alias "basseq" since the early 2000s, pronounced "basic" (not "bahs-eck" or "base-ee-cue"). The name was originally an ambigram. This domain has been the home of my random internet projects for almost 20 years.

My interests change over time. Right now, I'm into espresso, typography, cooking, wine & bourbon, cigars, Destiny 2, home improvement, and genealogy. Oh, and my kids. I have latent interests in boating, Formula 1, motorcycles, snowboarding, fountain pens, home automation, LEDs, chalkboard signs, and knifemaking. I will never not watch a video of someone making a teapot. I live near Washington, DC.

If you need something, you should email me .

Random Projects

I'm still proud of being accepted into the CSS Zen Garden in 2004.