What on earth?

This comic is an entry for one of Mike Davidson's iPod Shuffle contests. This is my entry. Below are some FAQs that I found interesting but no one really asked me.


Q. Where was the inspiration?

Well, no one was posting anything other than text-only stories, and I thought that was a bit dull. Some of them are quite well written, but they just weren't doing it for me. I'm a visual person, so I envisioned a story.

Q. How was this made?

A lot of time in Photoshop, honestly. I didn't keep track of how many hours I spent on it, but each frame was at least a half an hour of time (this is an average figure, some took much longer, others mere minutes), so you can calculate that out. Anyway, it's all the pen tool and it's all hand drawn. The background of each frame is a Gaussian Blur'd image I picked up from Google. They may be the copyright of their respective owners, but they're so distorted that I don't believe anyone could pick out the original. I'd say most of the frames' primary action is based off a picture (again, from Google) simply to get a feel of how fabric fell or how movement was accomplished.

Q. Are you an artist?

Woah, loaded question. I can draw, and this actually started out as something I was going to sketch out on paper and scan into Photoshop, but that would have taken twice as long and looked half as good.

Q. You really want that iPod, huh?


The style varies a little bit...

You don't think I know? Haha, seriously, my thoughts on how I wanted this to look changed a lot. The ear was the first thing I drew, and it's detailed in a cartooney sort of way with a lot of black outlines. Contrast that with the fist later in the comic and you'll see a lot more detail. But at the same time some frames are really loose.

Q. What are your favorite comics?

*Deep breath* Penny Arcade, MacHall, PvP, AppleGeeks, Real Life, Wulffmorgethaler, VGCats, Ctrl-Alt-Del, White Ninja, Perry Bible Fellowship, The Pet Professional, and Butternutsquash.

Q. Little White Cookbook?

It's an obscure Eddie Izzard reference.

Anyway, that's about it there. I probably could have done more with the story as well as the artwork, but I'm running sort of time as it is and, honestly, a little tired of working on this. It did, however, kind of jump start my creative side, so no more designer's block! The story could have been a little more cohesive, but it started out going in another direction altogether with the main character simply being mugged (by Mike Davidson, actually) and then waking up. So I added a little more mystique and such and we got something a little more action-packed.

As I'll probably spot something awry, I reserve the right to change this comic up until July 31st.