What's This?
This is based on Joe Davis's Telescopic Text. I thought his markup could be more concise and wondered how one would implement a GUI around the idea. This is that attempt, based on JQuery and My Undergraduate Thesis. I'm hoping to work on a couple of my own telescopic stories. Questions? Contact me at john at this domain.

Note: Since this page was written, Joe has completely rewritten his telescopic text tool, and it looks great! Go check it out.

Use your mouse to select text (there are some rules, though), as if you were going to copy and paste. Then click the Replace button. You'll be able to replace the text selected with an extension of that word or phrase, but the site will 'remember' what was there. Clicking the Reset button will take you back to the beginning, and you can click through your changes. You may also find additional actions by right-clicking on text.

(Story)IYawning, IIand smearing my eyes with my fingers, I walkedwalked bleary eyed into the kitchen and mademade myselfboiled the kettlefilled the kettletook the kettlegrabbed the kettle, unhooking it from the cord and filled it. I filled it with fresh waterI turned the tap and drew fresh water, making surechecking with my hands to make sure it was cold enough ()(The best tea comes from the coldest water!). I filled the kettle as I glanced outside at the mistoutside for a minute across the city mist. I could taste almost taste the grey. I got some biscuitsThe kettle was full so I plugged it inThe kettle was half full, so I switched the tap off and returned it to its socket. I turned it onI flicked the power switch on and got some biscuits outlooked for biscuitssifted through the cupboards, looking for biscuits. AnythingAnything above loose crumbs would do. IThankfully I found some fusty digestives. BiscuitsFor some reason, biscuits are niceralways nicer when they'rethey're gone a bit dry and stale. I took the milk out of the fridgeI took the milk out of the fridge and poured some into a mugI reached over and opened the fridge, retrieving the milk. I got a mug and poured some milk inI poured a little into a mug at the same time as grabbing the mug from the cupboard and placing it on the surface. ThisThis is a technique I developed that doesn't really save any time, but makes me feel clever. Then I made myselfThe kettle began grumbling fiercely so I poured water on to a teabagso I took it from the cord, threw a teabag into my put and poured boiling water onto it and watched it brew. I watched swirlsbrown swirls rise up and through the watermuted white of milky water. A few minutes passed. I put the teabag in the binI removedremoved and squeezed the teabag, then flicked it into the bin. I picked up my mug and left the kitchen with teaa cupnice cup, hot cup of teastrong tea.

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